Introducing the all new ThemesDepot


Introducing the all new ThemesDepot

It is with great pleasure to announce that the ThemesDepot website and support platform have got a new home! After a lot of ideas, sketches and tests the new ThemesDepot website is finally up an running.

The Members’ Area is now much more tightly integrated with the rest of the website, and now offers a seamless way to add your Envato products and browse support areas.  A new verification system has been added to the website to prevent fraudulent support requests, due to this new system, existing customers are required to re-add their purchase codes in order to get support.

You can still access with your original account that you registered on the previous support platform located at Visit the following link to access to your new customer area. The support forum has been moved to the following page. And lastly, the knowledge base can be accessed through this page.

Free WordPress Plugins

In case you didn’t know, ThemesDepot now provides free WordPress plugins too! Visit the plugin page and get your free plugins!

This is just the beginning! A lot of new surprises will be revealed in the upcoming days. So stay tuned! Follow ThemesDepot on Twitter and subscribe to the all new newsletter.


  1. Hammer

    Looks great and like the new support section. Because your new policy states that posts shouldn’t contain feature requests, it would be great to have a section where users can post enhancements or new features they would like to see in future versions of Atlas and possibly letting users vote on them.

    • Yes this will definitely be added, i’ve been testing a few platforms and i’m still evaluating a few options. It should be available by the end of this week or next week. I’ll announce this once it’s available ;)

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